YouDeny is a symmetric cipher of a new kind. Its computational burden is largely independent of the size of the key. This allows one to use very large keys, and achieve a very high degree of security, up to One-Time-Pad which the "unbreakable cipher" level.
America suffers from very poor cryptographic variety: just about everyone is using DES, AES, RSA, ECC, which serve as big attractive stationary targets for all our enemies. Daniel, represented here through YouDeny is an excellent antidote for this deficiency.
Daniel (US Patent 6,823,068) which is demonstrated here is (i) faster than its venerated competitors, and (ii) it does not slow down when you use a key as large as you wish -- thereby controlling the intractability of the cipher -- increasing it, per your choice, to one-time-pad mathematical security.
Check it out. Daniel is completely exposed (short version) on your browser right now (use the 'view source' option to see it). Personalize it, as indicated below, copy your personalized version to a stand-lone computer (no Internet connection, no spooks), and encrypt and decrypt on that computer. Your communication partner should do the same. Paste your encrypted message to your email, text it, or chat it out. Enjoy your freedom! sent through Twitter was used by Iranian Freedom Fighters!

Sender: Type (or paste) your confidential message into this window,
click "Encrypt!" then paste the encrypted sequence into your outgoing email.

Receiver: Copy here the encrypted sequence from the recieved email
click "Un-Encrypt!" and read the plain text above.


Sender and Receiver should agree on a number between 1 and 999999999 enter it below, and click to produce their personalized copy.

US Patent 6,823,068 "Denial Cryptography" all rights reserved.
Version Id: YD-G8512 Dynamically Generated on April 18, 2014 - 6:48 am EST
Personalized Copy Id: 123456

Reference Article (International Association for Cryptologic Research)

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